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Ardtornish Piano Retreat, an unforgettable musical journey in the remote and stunning Morvern Hills of Argyll...


Ardtornish Piano Retreat

in association with Gordon Bell Pianos Ltd Aberdeen

Monday 15th of June - Saturday 20th of June 2020

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Save the dates for next year's retreat:

Wednesday 16th of June - Monday 21st of June 2021 


2022 - 18th of June-23rd of June

2023 - 17th of June-22nd of June

2024 - 15th of June-21st of June 

Feedback from one of our participants:

The Ardtornish Piano Retreat sums up my experience beautifully- "unforgettable musical journey in the remote and stunning Morvern  Hills of Argyll."
I have had a wonderful time and loved every single minute. Such joy with Anca and Quintin. We learned so much individually, in group lessons and with each other. We were totally spoiled in the fabulous house.
I'm counting the sleeps until next year.


Thank you to Kawai UK and Steve Butler (Butler Smith Specialist Carriers)


Our gratitude to Matthew Ash and Kawai UK for their support is endless.  Many thanks Steve Butler (Butler Smith Specialist Carriers) for delivering our beautiful pianos to such a remote part of Scotland! The GX-3 grand piano and the two Kawai upright pianos they supplied were brand new and loved by our performers and participants.


The retreat is an annual gathering for amateur pianists of all standards (any age) to develop, perform and be inspired in the spectacular Ardtornish Estate. We offer one on one lessons, group music, rhythm and movement sessions, masterclasses, informal concerts for participants and formal concerts for you to enjoy beautiful music in one of Scotland's finest country houses. Concerts and lessons will take place in the house and our participants and guests artists will perform on a beautiful brand new GX3 Kawai Grand Piano. Our participants will have access to excellent brand new Kawai upright pianos in all the practice rooms. 

Meals throughout the week will be prepared by our resident chef. Jamie has worked in the catering industry for over twenty years across the UK including the kitchens of Buckingham Palace.

Ardtornish Piano Retreat 2018


Thank you Aaron for delivering the pianos! (Steve Butler Specialist Carriers)


Kawai Gx 3 Piano

Graeme Mc Naught- Piano Recital (Schumann, Chopin, Ravel, Brahms)


A very special message from Graeme: Too many thanks to number, Anca, for inviting me to the party. I'm in awe of your care, energy, enthusiasm and sheer wonderfulness. The company of guest artists, participants and you and Quintin, our attentive hosts, was a delight over the past couple of days. Thanks too to Jamie and family for fine food and welcoming embraces.  

Quintin Doyle- Solo Cello Recital (Bach Cello Suites)


Ardtornish Piano Retreat 2018 participants


Piano Masterclass



I just love coming to Ardtornish and being with yourselves and the attendees. The food was lovely as usual, the classes were really enjoyable and most of all I actually performed at every performance/masterclass. Progress is being made! ( Sheila) 



The Ardtornish Piano Retreat could not stop talking about our concert yesterday. The wonderful Christopher Baxter and Geoffrey Tanti’s Schubert Fantasie was played so beautifully it left one of our participants in tears. Luckily they had Lavignac’s “Galop-marche a huit mains” with a little help from Graeme McNaught and Ancuta Nite (What a line up!) as an encore to bring the smiles and cheers of joy back to the audience! 

Chamber Music Rehearsal


Ian and Quintin

Kawai Upright Piano in the Drawing Room


Informal Concert- Solo Piano Performance


First of all thank you so much for a wonderful time at Ardtornish for a third year. It was lovely meeting up with retreat friends again. I think the overall running of the retreat works wonderfully. The eight hand recital was one of a kind which I will remember forever! (Elizabeth)

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Chamber Music Session


Andrew and Quintin

Ancuta Nite- Piano Recital


Chamber Music Session


Moira and Quintin

Chamber Music Session


Mary and Quintin

Graeme McNaught- Piano Recital


A lovely note from one of our participants


Ardtornish Piano Retreat 2017



Jeunnesse Tan joined us all the way from Singapore:

I am so thankful to be here at Ardtornish! Your patience, talent, gentleness and passion is amazing! Thank you for your patient guidance, all your wonderful advices. Oh yes! Thank you for organising the retreat! Both you and Quintin have been working so hard! Really very grateful! 

Ardtornish Piano Retreat 2017 Participants

Roxana Nite, Soprano and Ancuta Nite, Piano - Opera Evening





Christine and Matthias joined us from Austria


Cello and Piano Recital


One to one piano lesson


James playing Chopin

Fali Pavri, Piano Recital


Fali played his solo recital on the beautiful KAWAI GX3 Series


Fali Pavri, Associate Head of Keyboard and Professor of Piano at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Fali performed Bach/Busoni, Beethoven, Chopin, Mayer, Schubert.

"I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was a real pleasure to play on the lovely Kawai which I found really responsive, with a warm and lively tone that really suited the acoustics of the room and the programme that I was playing. Thanks again for making us feel so welcome."

Ardtornish Piano Retreat 2016

Piano duets


Hugh and Kate

Thank you to Martin Smith for delivering beautiful pianos for our retreat


Kawai Upright Piano in the Main Hallway


Moira and Elizabeth


Chamber Music Session


Callum and Quintin

Chamber Music Session


Missy and Quintin

We are always spoiled with amazing food prepared by our chef Jamie

 We are always spoiled with amazing food prepared by our chef Jamie 

Roxana Nite, Soprano and Ancuta Nite, Piano- Opera Evening



Kate , Anca and Sheila out for a walk (we do not always practise!)



Chamber Music Session


Hugh and Quintin